A mobile app to help you get informed about the products you buy and the companies you buy from. Envisage a product comparison site that compares not on price, but on whether a product fits your own values.

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Do you know what's in your cleaning and personal care products, whether your food is packed with additives or whether you've chosen a healthy option? We want to help you find out.


Whether it's local pollution, global climate change or conservation we all have a stake in our environment. Do the companies we buy from share our concerns, is that reflected in the products we buy and how do we find those that are leading the way?


You know it when you see it. Fair pay, animal welfare, company behaviour, consideration of others. People feel better when the world is more equitable.

About Giki


Giki rates products not on price, but on whether a product fits with what matters to you. What is it you care about? Eating healthily, avoiding toxic chemicals, animal welfare, climate change, or buying local. Whatever your priorities, Giki will help you understand the true impacts of products on you and those around, to help you to buy from brands which share your beliefs. Giki is a social enterprise and you can get the ratings via the Giki app in 2018


Our team

Jo Hand


Favourite badges – no chemicals of concern, animal welfare

Dexter Galvin


“People have the power to change the world”. Favourite badges: carbon footprint, responsible sourcing, local, organic….

Paul Dickinson

Board Member

Favourite badge – carbon footprint. “You have to vote with your money”

JP Luchetti


Favourite badge – no E numbers. “Seeing is believing”

James Hand


Favourite badges – carbon footprint, healthier options

Vicki Bales

Board Member

Favourite badges – organic, animal welfare and recycled packaging.

Leyla Basacik


“Why Giki? Making product information accessible for ethical consumerism.” Favourite badges: Low carbon footprint, No chemicals of concern

Steph du Plooy


“Giki shares a new level of product knowledge with consumers, giving them more power over their product choices”

Chris Havers


“We all need help finding our way through the fuzz of product messaging”.¬†Favourite badges: Responsible sourcing, Animal welfare