Ever stood in the supermarket aisle surrounded by hundreds of cereal packs, mobile phone ringing and kids hanging off you and just wanted a quick, easy, simple choice? Which ones are low in sugar, better for the environment or more natural? You could spend a couple of minutes reading ten different labels, but who’s got time to do that?

Well Giki has trawled the shelves to find some cereals that you can feel good about.  As a nation, we are falling out of love with cereals, partly due to concerns over sugar levels, but we found it is possible to find options which are better for you and better for the environment too.  That means lower in sugar and fat, free from e-numbers, local, organic, low carbon footprint, recyclable packaging and responsible sourcing – so here’s what we discovered:

We didn’t expect to see Granola in the list – and it’s true, it wouldn’t be great for a crash diet, but both products here, unlike many Granolas, rate amber on the UK government Food Standards traffic light scheme. They both have approximately 17 grams of sugar per 100 grams, about half the amount that you’d get in a bowl of Frosties, and they’re both local too and free from e-numbers. But they contain palm oil(certified as responsible in both cases). When not responsibly sourced, palm oil can be linked to the destruction of rainforests and responsible or not, do you want it for breakfast?

But if none of these options grab you and you want something super natural and unprocessed, try good old British oats and turn them into porridge with milk, or water. That way you’ll get local, free from e-numbers and low in fat and sugar too. You can find organic oats too if you want to cut back on chemicals. Just stick it on the hob, before you boil the kettle for your morning cuppa and the slow release energy will help keep you warm on a cold morning.