Do you want to share Giki with your community?

This could be a school, a club, your workplace, a university… anywhere really where people come together and chat! 

You could take in a few products and encourage people to start scanning with Giki and see what they find. We have found the best way to get people interested, is to hand them the phone and encourage them to start scanning! Or include Giki in your presentations – we can send you some slides! 

We can send you a list of some good product examples to choose too.  

Use Giki with your local store to help shops stock sustainable products 

Is your local shop interested in selling sustainable products? You can use Giki with them to help them test and select products for environmental credentials.  

Do you know organisations locally, or elsewhere who care about the environment? 

We’d love to use Giki to help any organisations help others reduce their environmental impact – please do introduce us – best way is via email – 

Please get in touch if you’d like to be a Giki ambassador to make a difference!