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What’s hiding in your children’s bathtub?

Do you think that children’s products are appropriate for children? As a mother I did but recent research here at Giki suggests this is not necessarily the case. We looked at over 100 children’s bathing products, which you can buy in the supermarket, and...

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Organic goes mainstream

Organic farming has been around since farming began – indeed all farming until pretty recently was organic. But with the industrial revolution came inorganic methods using chemicals, and increased mechanisation lent itself to farming larger areas and...

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What is organic?

What does it mean when a product is organic? Watch our short video to find out.  

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6 things you need to know about plastic

Thinking about cutting back your plastics impact? Here are some new facts from Giki analytics on plastic packaging and recycling: Just one quarter of packaging used in fresh fruit and veg is currently marked as recyclable. This makes it hard to work out...

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GUEST BLOG: You are what you eat! Professor Lorna Harries from @ExeterMed details her recent research into BPA exposures in young people