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Making Better Badges

Giki’s aim is to inspire people to make small, regular changes which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. We also look to make small, regular changes to the Giki app to help support our users in their quest to become more...

Making your mind up about meat?

Vegananuary: Making your mind up about meat? As we approach the end of vegananuary, a celebration of plant-based, meat free eating, over 1.2 million UK residents are now choosing a vegetarian diet. Giki looks at some of the issues to consider when deciding...

Why recycling your coffee cup might not make sense

2.5 billion coffee cups are used every year, 500,000 of those are littered every day and only 1 in 400 is recycled. Perhaps it’s no surprise that takeaway coffee cups are the latest single use item to be getting bad press following the Environmental Audit...

100 Calorie Snacking

Half of the sugar that children eat comes from snacks and sugary drinks and Change4Life’s new campaign wants to help parents cut back.  Their solution – snacks with no more than 100 calories and max 2 per day. But what does this actually mean in practice?...

Go Natural – 6 beauty ideas for Christmas

The rows of beauty products can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are buying a present for someone else. So why not choose based on what matters to you, or to the person you are buying for? Whether it's avoiding chemicals, no animal testing, or...

How to find healthy cereals

High sugar in cereal has got a lot of attention recently. Not surprisingly, as kids only need 2-3 bowls of some of the highest sugar cereals to get their full daily sugar quota – and that’s by 8 in the morning.  The amount of sugar recommended for children...

Simpleweb and Giki

New release: Giki helps you find products in line with your values Our partners at Simpleweb have written a blog about Giki including some of the functionality in the new app. Click on their logo below.

5 Feel Good Breakfast Cereals

Top choices to help you feel good for breakfast Ever stood in the supermarket aisle surrounded by hundreds of cereal packs, mobile phone ringing and kids hanging off you and just wanted a quick, easy, simple choice? Which ones are low in sugar, better for...

Week 1 of Newquay Supports Sustainable Palm Oil - the movement is already gathering momentum. 💚👍🏼🏆
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@NewquaySSPO 🌱🌴 @newquaysspo
Our @facebook @newquaysspo now has over 400 supporters! In less than a week. #Newquay people are amazing @JonoG1 @gikibadges Now let’s see if we can get just as many users of #GikiBadges allowing us all to #ChooseSustainable #DeforestationFree #palmoil #TogetherWeCanDoThis

The ugly detail on #plasticpollution found on the Cocos islands in the Indian ocean. Listen to the @FT in detailed analysis on exactly what was found. @lesliehook

#endplasticpollution #stopplasticpollution #plasticocean #plasticwaste #singleuseplastic

Keen to buy more #organic. Here's a good reason to give it a try. 😊🌍 @SoilAssociation @mygreenpod @FCRNetwork
Download Giki app to check out your food and cosmetics for #cleanerliving #SundayMorning  #SundayThoughts  #SundayMotivation
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More clear simple advice from our much loved David Attenborough on how to help care for our #environment and reduce our impact. #ClimateChangeTheFacts #ClimateCatastrophe gikibadges photo