Giki Social Enterprise: Founded in 2017, based in London

Our Mission: Giki’s mission is to help people cut their environmental impact. We provide accessible, independent, transparent information to help people change habits to live more sustainably. We are a social enterprise.

Products we cover: Over 280,000 rated supermarket products with 14 badges:

The most sustainable, healthy products in UK supermarkets: Hero products

Sustainability: sustainable palm oil; better packaging; responsible sourcing; kinder cleaning; greener cosmetics; local; organic; carbon footprint; plant based

Health: free from additives; no chemicals of concern; healthier options

Fairness: animal welfare; animal testing

You can download the app in IOS here

Who we are: https://gikibadges.com/our-team/

Our Methodology: https://gikibadges.com/how-we-rate-products/

Further info: https://gikibadges.com/faqs/