Only 1 in 100 cosmetics are natural and organic – here’s an easy way to find them  

According to an international study by  Growth for Knowledge, we spend over four hours a week grooming our bodies to perfection. We do this to feel good about ourselves, to make a good impression and to set a good example for our children.    But what if we could do all of these and do something good for the environment at the same time? Imagine if all that lathering, brushing and plucking was even more worthwhile?  In this blog we look at Giki’s Greener cosmetics badge and how it can help you find products that are natural and organic.  

What are Greener Cosmetics?

While most of us associate the term “organic” with the food that we eat, this can also be applied to the products we use on our skin. Organic certified products not only contain more natural ingredients, but by using them, you are also supporting companies that primarily focus on maximizing the use of renewable resources and recycling, minimizing pollution and waste and protecting local wildlife and animal welfare. That’s why we look for products that have been certified organic by independent third parties.  Even when products are not organic an increasing number of people want products with natural ingredients. This may be because they are avoiding certain chemicals which they find irritate their skin or because they worry about the impact of those same chemicals on their body when they are absorbed through the skin. As a result products that are made from certified natural ingredients are also included.  

1 in 100 

The challenge is that finding a natural and organic product is easier said than done because when it comes to greener cosmetics, it is slim pickings out there. According to our analysis of UK supermarket products, we found that your chances of finding a greener bath soap, shower gel or shampoo are one in a hundred. Finding a green bath product for babies would be like finding a needle in a haystack.   

But don’t sweat it - Giki is here to help!        

Using the Giki   app and the Greener Cosmetics Badge,  we can help you decipher which of your current grooming products are better for the environment and find those 1 in 100 outsiders.  All you have to do is scan your shampoo or shower gel and we’ll  tell you how they measure up.  Check out the alternatives if you want to find products that are awarded the Greener cosmetics badge. We can also help you figure out which other brands or products you could try out instead.   

What you can do right now?   

Scan 2 products in your bathroom. Check out the alternatives and, if you prefer them, let us know.