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Jo Hand


Favourite badges – no chemicals of concern, sustainable palm oil

Dexter Galvin

Advisory Board Member

“People have the power to change the world”. Favourite badges: carbon footprint, responsible sourcing, local, organic….

Paul Dickinson

Board Member

Favourite badge – carbon footprint. “You have to vote with your money”

Steph du Plooy

Advisory Board Member

“Giki shares a new level of product knowledge with consumers, giving them more power over their product choices”

James Hand


Favourite badges – carbon footprint, healthier options

Vicki Bales

Board Member

Favourite badges – organic, animal welfare and recycled packaging.

Richard Graham

Board Member

“Giki digitally transforms how you make educated decisions about what you buy. Even a small change that Giki helps you make to your purchase behaviour, could make a huge change to our future”

Anna Swaithes

Advisory Board Member

“The issues around food sustainability are so complex, and everyone has different priorities. But consumers lack the facts to make informed purchase decisions. Giki is trying to change that, and the team tackles the complexity and the differences of opinion head on.” Favourite badge: responsible sourcing.

Mark Panay

Board Member

“Giki gives my family the power over what goes into our diet. We make better choices.”. Favourite badge – healthier options.

Maxine van Bommel


Favourite badges: No Chemicals of Concern, Recyclable Packaging and Greener Cosmetics

Sloane Hamilton

Advisory Board Member

Sloane is a Policy Advisor on Labour Rights, sitting within Oxfam’s Private Sector Team in Oxford. Her work focuses on the rights of workers in Agricultural Supply Chains.

Favourite badge: responsible sourcing.

Emily D'Silva

Social Media advisor

“Giki creates more awareness and empowers people to make better choices, which paves the way for much-needed conscious, positive change”.

Favourite badges: organic and low carbon footprint.

We want to make it quick and easy for everyone to understand whether the products they buy fit with what’s important to them. Often it’s hard to understand what’s on the label and there is a lot we want to know that isn’t on the label.

Jo Hand, Co-Founder

The idea for Giki came in 2016 when co-founders, and husband and wife, James and Jo Hand were continually struck by how they, their friends and many people they spoke to were struggling to find products that aligned with their own values. Giki was then started in 2017 with an aim to build a prototype to see if there was a simple, intuitive way to link people directly to information that they cared about beyond price and brand. After a successful beta test the launch for Giki’s app was then ready for Spring 2018.

Giki’s mission is to encourage sustainable consumption by inspiring people to make small, regular changes in their shopping which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. Our vision is that all products and services become sustainable so really we want every product on the market to be awarded as many badges as possible.

James Hand, Co-Founder

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