All of these animals are affected by unsustainable palm oil production. Find out how to make sure any palm oil you buy is sustainable.


Think there’s nothing you can do about deforestation and loss of wildlife? Think again

3 steps and 3 minutes to make your first swap to sustainable palm oil or palm oil free

Unsustainable palm oil leads to deforestation, threatens Orangutans, Sumatran Tigers, Elephants and rhinos with extinction, as well as contributing to climate change. Local communities miss out too.

You can do something today because palm oil is everywhere: if you clean, eat and wash the chances are you’ve used it in the last week. Do a Palm Oil Audit at home to check whether the palm oil in your kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets is sustainably sourced. If it’s isn’t, you can swap for products using sustainable palm oil or go palm oil free.

Here you’ll find top tips for your Palm Oil Audit, more information about the impact of palm oil and examples of just how many places you’ll find it. You can join our Facebook Group or sign up to our regular palm oil email where we’ll have lots of palm oil facts and guides to help you tackle the supermarket aisle by aisle. It’ll also be a place for people to share their successes!

Doing the Palm Oil Audit gives you confidence and knowledge to avoid unsustainable palm oil to help stop deforestation and protect the planet and it’s wildlife.

Please spread the word – we can all make a difference


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3 minutes and 3 steps to make your first swap

A phone, a supermarket product and a few minutes is all you need to start making a difference.

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 Looking for somewhere to start? Grab some chocolate, biscuits or sweets.


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If it’s got palm oil in then you’re on the lookout for the sustainable palm oil badge. No palm oil badge means you are palm oil free.


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Looking for somewhere to start? Grab some chocolate, biscuits or sweets.

Your Palm Oil Audit guide

Easy steps to make a swap to orangutan friendly cupboards!

Why do people worry about palm oil?

Unsustainable palm oil leads to deforestation, loss of habitat for endangered species including orangutans and climate change. Local communities lose out too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about palm oil

Are you going to do a palm oil free badge?
This is an area where we will listen to our users. There are some categories, such as confectionery, cosmetics and biscuits where palm oil is more prevalent and so this is an area where some people might want to see a palm oil free badge. Have your say here.
How do I know if a product contains palm oil?
We only apply the badges to products where we can find palm oil, or some of its derivatives, in the ingredients list. As a result if there is no badge appearing (in green or greyed out) then we could not find any palm oil. If you spot any we’ve missed please contact us.
Should I just go palm oil free?
This is an entirely person decision. However, a number of NGOs support sustainable palm oil because 1) Replacing palm oil with other types of vegetable oil (such as sunflower, soybean or rapeseed oil) would mean that much larger amounts of land would need to be used, since palm trees produce 4-10 times more oil than other crops per unit of cultivated land. 2) In producing countries, millions of farmers and their families work in the palm oil sector. 3) Replacing palm oil with other types of oil is not always feasible due to palm oil’s unique properties as a food ingredient. However, some people still choose to avoid palm oil because they are not confident that palm oil can be truly sustainable, the deem that the impacts of palm oil plantations on other species are just too great or that they believe the rules around sustainable palm oil don’t go far enough especially in relation to deforestation.
How does a company get the badge?
There are two reasons we award a badge. Either we believe that the company itself can be awarded a sustainable palm oil badge or the product is certified as using sustainable palm oil. For the company we look at how the type of palm oil they use and whether they are committed to sustainable palm oil by 2020. For the product we look for certification from the RSPO or organic certification.

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