Love a last-minute picnic, but aren’t sure how to keep it eco-friendly? We’ve put together a fun list of eco-friendly picnic bites which only require a quick trip to the supermarket.

The best alfresco gatherings are spontaneous affairs that only occur when a unique set of conditions are met.

The weather is crucial of course. If it’s too hot, search out a large tree for some shade and if it’s too chilly your fellow picnickers  might not stay long. Rain is the ultimate party pooper – even the anticipation of it can dampen spirits (except during a heatwave!).

Once you have the weather right, you also need some people – the more the merrier!

Most importantly, you will need food and drinks, but trying to figure out what to bring especially last minute, can be a bit daunting.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together an eco-friendly list of picnic bites that only require a quick trip to the supermarket. Our data shows that less than half of all food and drink products can be recycled, so they can be tricky find!

Before you head off, remember not to forget your canvas shopping bag, some games and an old blanket to sit on. Some forks, knives (avoid the single use plastic!), a peeler and a cutting board can be handy too. Remember to leave your picnic spot better than you found it and rinse your recyclables before you dispose of them too.

Now dig in…


While you’re busy picnicking, why not download the Giki App and scan some of the products that others have brought to see how they measure up?

Top Picnic Tips:

If you pick up some loose fruits without any wrapping, you’ll be cutting back on plastic, not taste!

Same goes for loose veggies – just remember a knife and chopping board.

All cans can be recycled, so just take your pick!